Financial Literacy

Every Canadians Guide to Financial Prosperity


This course will help you understand the financial choices and options at each stage of your life. After completing this course you will have enough information to have an intelligent discussion with your financial advisor, accountant, lawyer, or broker.
- Learn how to talk to your children about money and be able to assist them in developing good monetary habits.

- University Years Understand student loans and the smart uses for debt.

- Early Career Years This is the time to focus on reducing any student loans and building up a credit score.

- In your Thirties Home ownership is the focus of this decade of your life. Learn about the strategies for acquiring and paying for the largest asset you may ever acquire. This is the time when many people start their families and the children's education planning becomes important.

- In your Forties Reducing debt and planning for retirement while supporting expensive children is a challenge for most people in this age group.

- In your Fifties Find out the strategies for dealing with the empty nest as your children leave home. Learn how to decide if early retirement is for you. Dealing with your parents needs for increased care is also a challenge faced by this age group.

- In your Sixties Finally it is party time. Explore the options for taking Canada Pension Plan. Lifestyle choices will be discussed for this age group. Decisions will be explored about travel and protecting the principal of your retirement assets.
  • Welcome to Every Canadian's Guide to Financial Prosperity
  • Introduction
  • Lectures
  • 1. Retirement Income: Voluntary Pensions
  • Quiz: Lecture 1
  • 2. Retirement Income: Government Pensions
  • Quiz: Lecture 2
  • 3. Registered Pensions Plans
  • Quiz: Lecture 3
  • 4. Investment Basics: Part 1
  • 4. Investment Basics: Part 2
  • Quiz: Lecture 4
  • 5. Mutual Fund Basics
  • Quiz: Lecture 5
  • 6. How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?
  • 7. Estate Planning
  • Quiz: Lecture 7
  • 8. Home Ownership
  • 9. Proper Use of Debt
  • Quiz: Lecture 9
  • 10. Budgeting
  • Quiz: Lecture 10
  • Time of Your Life
  • University Years
  • Early Career Years
  • In Your Thirties
  • In Your Forties
  • In Your Fifties
  • In Your Sixties
  • Conclusion
  • Course Summary
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed