Basic Board Governance

Basic Governance for Board Members

This course is for people who serve (or are considering serving) on a board as a director or board member. The focus of this course is make sure you stay out of trouble by knowing your rights, obligations and duties as a board member.

Become a More Effective and Knowledgeable Board Member with this Comprehensive Course

-Learn the basics of what governance is
-Find out who stakeholders are and why they are important
-Recognize your rights as a board member or director
-Discover the actions that make you liable
-Learn my: Board Decision Making Framework (ADAPPT)
-Find out how you can stay out of trouble

Board Members Need to Understand Governance to do their job correctly

This course covers the most important issues that come with serving on a board, whether corporate, non-profit or as a volunteer. In my 20+ years of speaking professionally on governance to a variety of boards, I continue to see examples of what not to do. With this course I want to give you the necessary information to not make mistakes and not get in trouble. Important things like a members' legal responsibilities is not common knowledge to most. You may do something completely ordinary and not realize you are violating your duty as a board member. For example, a 'parking lot meeting.'

This course covers every major topic you need to practice good governance. The course is comprised of 11 lectures divided into 3 sections. At the end of each section is a quiz that will help you retain the information you just learned.
  • Welcome to Basic Governance for Board Members
  • Introduction
  • Resources
  • Resources
  • Lectures
  • 1. What is Governance and Why Do You Care?
  • Quiz 1
  • 2. An Introduction to Boards
  • Quiz 2
  • 3. Stakeholders - Who Are These People?
  • Quiz 3
  • 4. What Could Go Wrong?
  • Quiz 4
  • 5. Duty of Care, Loyalty & Diligence
  • Quiz 5
  • 6. Duty of Knowledge
  • Quiz 6
  • 7. Duty of Skill
  • Quiz 7
  • 8. Fiduciary Duty
  • Quiz 8
  • 9. Directors' Rights
  • Quiz 9
  • 10. Duty to Manage
  • Quiz 10
  • 11. Individual Board Members
  • Quiz 11
  • Conclusion
  • Course Summary
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed